Friday, May 22, 2015

Busy bee...

It's that time of the year when everything is happening. The days are passing by quicker than ever and all I can do is to squeeze in some creative moments here and there to settle the speed of life so it doesn't spin out of control. I thought I should pop in to say Hi. I'm here, studying French more than anything...

I'm finishing up old WiP's. Or at least one of the million bunch. The patchwork armchair throw I started a looooong time ago. And a few Maybelle flowers have been added to my collection. One day they will become a blanket. I'm sure.

The weather is somehow getting chilly and damp again and I can't wait to get the warmth back. Maybe after the weekend they say. Time will tell. 


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Friday, May 15, 2015

Reality check - big time!

We are having a chat after the CrossFit workout and I tell the girls I have started yet another intensive French course. I've been dreading it because it wipes me out and it is such hard work... Yes, I guess I am complaining a bit to these girls... Then one of the girls tells me she is devastated as she lost all her French knowledge when she had her stroke before Christmas.
"Yes. Didn't you know? I thought everybody knew..."

This woman is 42 with two boys aged 10 and 12. Reality check big time... One night her husband found her in a bad state in bed and it was a stroke. She was lucky. No serious side effects other than a set back on her fine motor skill. She suffers from tiredness and is a bit post stroke depressed... We laugh about the fact that she lost most of her French knowledge and we make jokes about how the brain prioritize in its own way... Obviously French is not on the top 10 priority list in her brain world. :) Ha ha ha! We joke about this because that is what we do when we don't really know how to deal with something super serious... Humor can be a saviour.

She tells me all this and I am speechless. My brain starts to work overload. Life is so fragile. Why oh why do we take it for granted? Why oh why do we procrastinate so much? Why oh why do I sigh, bitch and complain about all those dreadful daily chores? And my French course for that matter...??? Why oh why do I live in the past or in the future instead of right here? Right now!

Make your dreams come true before it is to late. I admire people with that wonderful drive of making ideas into reality. I admire people who are "doers" and who get things done. I admire people who see the joy of the small things. Who smiles and make you feel good with their positive outlook on life. But for a dreamer like me it takes a lot of effort to become a doer... I need a real honest and quite hard kick in my bottom to get going, to say the least...

I took her story with me home. I took her words on board. Don't wait until tomorrow. Surround yourself with people and things you love. And love every minute right here and right now. No one knows when it is time to go...

Who cares if the laundry was done when you go? Who cares if the shelves were dusted? Who cares if the hallway were tidy? And who cares about tangled up yarn in baskets and a messy attic? And of course these things can't be ignored but we can enjoy them more. We do what we have to do but more importantly we do what we want to do too. In the moment it can all become simple pleasures - right here, right now.


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Monday, May 11, 2015

Back to school

Today I'm going back to school. Yet another intensive French course is to be completed. I will probably see stars at the end of the day and on the train I will have to freshen up my memory on those most common verbs... I'm flicking through my old notes while having breakfast... I think I'm ready.


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