Friday, December 12, 2014

Featured in Simply Crochet - Out Now!

I am proud to show you I am on the News page of the December issue of Simply Crochet, for sale in shops right now. My Popcorn & Lace Pillow Crochet Kit is high lighted with the sweetest words, making me blush all over! Oooops! Modest me...

The Popcorn & Lace Pillow Crochet Kit is available in my Etsy Shop, a perfect gift for a crochet friend or just something extremely pretty to keep your hands busy between Christmas nibbles and drinks. I can imagine it in Christmas red or denim blue with a white border, or why not granny pink with a berry border, or light purple with deep lilac border... The combinations are endless. Look in my Yarn Shop for a alternative color combination on the Tilda Yarn chart. Give me a shout if you want other colors than the original creamy white and pink.

For your advantage I will ship Priority Mail up until Tuesday 16th of December for you to receive your parcel before Christmas - without extra cost!
(Fingers crossed postal service will do their job too...)


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A walk makes wonders for a stressed soul

I let my thoughts go when walking. I think about life, projects, work, relationships, holidays, dreams, problems and just anything bothering me. Sometimes I feel heavy in my mind when leaving my house, but I always feel light and energized when returning.

I think we all need a moment of alone time like this, preferably every day, where we can release all the stress we carry and lighten up the pressure we put on ourselves. Because when I walk there, on this narrow curvy road, things suddenly don't seem that problematic anymore. Being one with nature does that to you.

You become present and you see the beauty of real life. Outside the doctor appointment that needs to be made. Outside the laundry room that really should be organized and de-cluttered. Outside the pain of misunderstandings and frustration in your relationship with your spouse, children, parents or friends. Outside the fact that you are getting older and turning a bit worn and rough on the edges,  and it feels like you don't get ANYTHING done and is this really where you want to be in life or how on earth shall you deal with your teenage daughter in the best possible way... Or that upcoming visit from your Mother in Law, how are you gonna cope?

We put so much pressure on ourselves and we live in such a high speed environment with Internet and everything instant - may it be instant coffee or Insta gramming or instant food making... We receive so much information daily and it is hard to sort what is important and what can be ignored. But walking on that hill with the blue bird sky above, the sun warming my face and a little baby cow distracting me from all these thoughts, I feel alive. And my problems and my stress diminishes. Life ain't that bad. Life is pretty good, I am thinking. And I come back home with a light heart and a smile on my face. Ready to tackle it all.


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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My father

Pappa. My hero. My mythical person when being a child. I grew up with my Mamma. Spent all my summers and school breaks with my father at his summer house. Our life was so different from his. Him being very simple, funny, relaxed, a bit flamboyant but at the same time to surprisingly organized. In my home it was rather strict and stiff, I would say it was the straight opposite from my Dad's laid back life style.

He always crosses his legs while sitting in his garden chair reading and smoking. Crime stories. Always a mysterious crime in his hands. His book collection is big. His home very basic. He doesn't need much. He is happy with what he's got. Never looks for extra. Or just wanting things. No, my Pappa has all he needs and that is enough.

He is handy my Dad. Always has a project on the go. It could be to re-paint the house, changing pipes or scraping window frames. Fixing a rotten plank in the fence or putting up a shelf. As much as he is a handy man he is also a handy house man. He cleans, he does the laundry, he cooks and he bakes. He is the perfect host. He is not like most men born in the 40's. He is a very independent man.

One thing I admire the most is that he never has to much on his To Do list. He just has enough. He loves the simple daily routine and I don't think he thinks of house chores as chores. He enjoys it. He is very balanced.

I once asked him how he does it. How can he find the peace to sit down and take a break to sip his coffee, smoke his few cigarettes and read his crime novels multiple times every day. How can he disconnect daily chores and To Do's? He told me he only puts down 3 things on his list every day, i.e. food shopping, clean bathrooms, fix a broken bench - things that needs to be done. He does his chores and then he is done. And when he is done he allows himself to do anything he wants, because the rest that needs to be done can wait until tomorrow. How I wish I could be like that...

He is a great man my father. A bit complicated at times, just like me, and now when growing up I have come to realize that my hero is just a human being like all of us. He drives me insane, we argue when we meet, he has his flaws and his past... He has his opinions that I don't necessarily agree with. He belongs to the older generation and like we all know - you can't teach an old dog to sit... But he still remains a hero to me.

I love him dearly, I admire him and I hope to have him for a long time in my life. He just turned 70 but rumbles around with his grand children when the time is right, takes his daily walks every day and always, always ends his day in a reading chair before going to bed. Because a bed is for sleeping, not reading - says my Pappa. I have a lot to learn from him. On Friday he will come to visit. I can't wait.


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Monday, December 8, 2014

My Breakfast Egg Nog

I am sipping my new favorite hot drink, an egg milk drink with coffee flavor. I know it sounds terrible doesn't it but it is surprisingly fantastic. I am trying to kick my sugar and gluten intake to improve my chronic inflammation in my crochet arm. And it does help, believe it or not.

Of course my pain is not just because of the crochet, I first developed problems when working as a graphic designer in my late twenties. All those thousands computer clicks a day and bad position at the desk simply wore out my arm. When adding hours of crochet to it in 2009 it all came back and has pretty much never left (read more about it here and here) and even if I do crochet stretches and exercises to prevent the pain, the inflammation itself seem to not want to go away. It is hard to let your working arm rest completely for a longer time period.

So I decided to try something new. Change of diet. I've heard about people who have done it and kicked their chronic pain in no time. My friend Emma is a nutritionist and specialized in LCHF (Low Carbs High Fat) and she has helped me to make my new path.

I am crap at diets, I love food and especially sweet cakes, ice cream, cookies and desserts. I'm a sucker for pasta and bread. And even if my Jay is a fabulous high end chef who makes incredibly healthy food with a total love for vegetables and inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, I do snack away on anything unhealthy as soon as I get the chance. Yes, this is going to be a bit of a challenge indeed. Cutting out not only the carbohydrates and gluten but the sugar also???

I've tried this
before but I always give up after a week or two. But when going back to Emma to get a bit of a pep talk she inspired me to give it a serious chance once again. She told me I need to do this for at least a month or two to develop the change that I want. She told me to stop thinking about all things I can NOT eat and instead focus on things I love that from the start are free from wheat products or low in sugar. Starting there, I can substitute the sugar and the gluten with simple alternatives. Aha! Suddenly I could write down a list of things I love and see that there are things I can still enjoy and that can give me that "fix" I am missing at times. Suddenly I felt that I can do this and I don't need to exclude every treat. Just be more aware.

Always when meeting up with Emma we cook something small; pancakes, chocolate balls, ice chocolate nibbles, bread... This time we made egg milk. Or maybe you call it egg nog.  I was very skeptic... Drinking raw eggs. Yuk! I'm not Rocky Balboa. But it is so yum!!! You can not believe.

It tastes like the smoothest Cafe Latte and you get everything you need for a great start of the day. So here is the recipe. If you are the person who hates eating breakfast and always starts your day with a coffee to go, this is the way to start in a more healthy way.


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