Friday, April 25, 2014

Just because I love Charlie

Just because I couldn't resist taking photos of Charlie hiding in the shade of the bench. With yarn ends hanging down as a colourful curtain. He won't attach my projects anymore, which is a good thing.

We talk "meowish" him and I. I meow and he meows back. We can have quite long conversations before he gets tired of me and turn his head away to show: "That's it lady! You talk waaaay to much. I need to rest." He simply goes back to his resting position and even if I might be in the middle of a meowing story I do get the hint...

He turns 6 this year. He's a lion. Although he is kind of a petite lion. I love you dearly, sweet Charlie.Sleep tight.


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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thinker or doer

I think to much. I dream to much. I analyze to much. I always have been a thinker and I think (!!!) I always will be a thinker. Or call it a dreamer (See this old post...).

It is a part of my nature and maybe that is why I procrastinate so much. Because the thinking process takes so much energy that there is no energy left over for the action. My lists are endless (Love writing lists!!!) but they hardly ever get ticked off. It is like living in a state of constant dreaming, wishing, fantasizing... Waiting...

So this Easter, after all your uplifting and sympathetic comments on my blog post about being overwhelmed and about facing change, I decided to get to action and think, dream and analyze a little bit less. And I have to say I am happily surprised at what I can get done if only put my mind to it, both fun things and not so fun things.

♥︎ Jay started the garden project and I helped him with the dreadful weeding and digging...

♥︎ I started a house detox by sorting, cleaning, throwing, organizing... One room at the time.

♥︎ We welcomed the cows in the back of our garden and picked the first wild flowers.

♥︎ I played Memory with Emmy Bo and got wowed by the beautiful apple blossoms.
♥︎ We had an Easter egg hunt and delicious dinners with friends.

I feel like I have accomplished a lot. It feels good and I am energized and motivated to keep going with my house detox... Nearly there. Half way through my big house. Next up will be my studio. That is a big one. I am so looking forward to have a crafty space to thrive in again once I have given it my detox treatment. And the best part is that after doing all this I feel so much better about dreaming away, thinking and analyzing. Because right now I am actually not only a thinker but a doer too.


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Sunday, April 20, 2014

When things go wrong in crochet

Stitch markers. I have some. Not many, but some. They are jolly orange, apricot, red and green. I bought them because I thought they were pretty. Typical me. I never really used them. But, it is never too late to learn...

This pillow cover project was just about to leap across the finish line when disaster struck... I had counted my stitches wrong!

The backing, which was ready to be joined with the pretty front was missing out on 5 stitches in the width. I did express some nasty words, pulled my hair and frenetically started to count my stitches, only to get lost between distractions of kids calling for Mama or the cat meowing and getting tangled up in my work... Stitch markers... Now I got to use them.

By marking every ten stitches on both pieces I confirmed my disastrous mishap (Oh my! I can't believe this! ALL this work for nothing???) and accepted the fact that some frogging was to take place. And some starting all over.

Well, worst things can happen, right. I better get started if I want this pillow done in anytime soon. Knowing me, who start on multiple projects every other day, this project might just end up on a shelf otherwise and to be truly honest... It is waaay to pretty for that.

So to avoid making the same mistake as me, get yourself some pretty stitch markers and get them to work. I am going to get myself some more for sure and use them very frequently in my designing processes. For sure. I have learned something new, the hard way. The best way to learn.


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Monday, April 14, 2014

When facing change

Change. A word that can signal discomfort or excitement. At first you might feel paralysed. It might make you wonder if you will come out of this whole or broken. If you can do it. It's a great challenge. How will you handle the change?

Then something happens. You will find strength and energy to deal with your change. Ideas start to pop up in your head. You take actions you would never have done before. You make things happen and you grow. Oh my, you grow. You grow bigger, wiser, stronger. You faced the fear with the change and stepped out of your comfort zone. And you survived.

We are facing changes. Big changes. Or maybe it is not such big changes after all. Maybe I only think it is big because it feels incredibly big. But any change can feel overwhelming at first. A simple thing such as changing brand of your toothpaste or shopping at a different grocery store than the one you always go for can be like climbing Mount Everest. Trying a new hair cut can be something you ponder for years before doing it... Not wearing make up when you are used to always wear it might feel the same as walking around naked. It is all about breaking out of your comfort zone. Our secure little place not bigger than a hoola hoop around us. Did you know that 90% of us never step out of our comfort zones?

I have faced a lot of changes in my life. I have come to embrace change when it happens. Still I go through that whole process of fear, paralysis, finding strength and turning all the different energies into action. I have stepped out of my comfort zone many times now. I have grown. I have almost become addicted to it. The first time I did it I quit my job as a graphic designer and took a time out from my ordinary life. The change somehow brought me to the Seychelles where I met my love. Since then the changes has been many; moving abroad, having children, moving from one continent to another, learning new languages, facing new cultures, finding new friends, finding new me, facing traumas and the unexpected, being without money, being with money, living big, living small...

I am not that scared anymore. When change appears I know I can handle it. I need change. Change is always an adventure... But still a bit scary... I am curious to see where our change will take us this time. Only time will tell...


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