Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crocheting circles...

Thank you for your supportive notes on my last post (I just needed to ventilate a little  bit to be able to move on) and lets head over to some smiley stuff shall we? We have had enough of misery lately. Bring on a new crochet project!!!

I had planned f
or something with stripes but my hands wanted different and circles it is. A new stash buster project, using up a special light color collection of wool and acrylics, inspired by my love of rag rugs. So far 9 circles are made, many more needs to be done. Maybe 150? I am still to make a decision about the joining color...


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Monday, March 30, 2015

About the airplane crash and all that shit!

I had plans on writing blog posts everyday last week as I had so much to share, but to be honest, the tragic airplane crash in the French Alps just pushed me off my blog train.

I have followed the news and gasped for air in despair. Once I started to watch I just couldn't part with our News Channels. How can something like this happen, I wonder... And the fact that it happened while I was sipping coffee and having a wonderful time with a blog friend really makes me feel even worse... Almost a bit guilty... That is why I wanted to share the glorious time I had that day in my previous blog post, before sharing this. Does that make sense?

I have watched the news reporters from the crash scene, from homes of victims and relatives in tears... Names and pictures of the people lost. I have cried and allowed the News Channels to rub all the drama into my face through our TV screen. With details and speculations out of the normal way of reporting a tragedy. Not even war zones are reported in this heart throbbing and almost "soap opera sensational" way. And I am ashamed of myself for getting sucked into this type of reporting. Very soon I realized that it all disgusts me.

One minute I am relieved to put the blame on the co-pilot, because we want to put the blame on someone. We want a reason. We need someone to be responsible. In the next I realize that the co-pilot is a victim like everyone else. And I feel bad because it is just so tragic and it is life on the dark side.  Unpredictable and impossible to protect ourselves from. No matter how hard we try to live safe, our lives will always be edged with risk... We never know what a day will bring us. And it is terrifying to live with that thought. But the way news are presented to us today doesn't make it easier, does it?

Lets put fear into us all. Lets fear that I will be the next victim of a terrorist attack, a Tsunami, a plane crash, crazy school shooting or great big epidemic. Lets live in fear and jump on the commercial train of buying into security systems, gadgets and avoiding to live life to its full to protect ourselves from disasters. Really?

So I have turned off my news channels and I am letting go. And although people worldwide wants answers to why this happened and to find someone to blame for not observing and reporting this young man's psychological condition to his emplyer, I think that news of today should back off a bit and report with some sense of good manners. More constructive and less sensational to not call it "gossipy" rubbing themselves in tragic details. Show respect and report with style. Stop dragging people in dirty water...

This was a terrible accident and we will never get any fulfilling answers, we will always walk around with the question "Why?". And this is why I hardly ever watch news anymore... The only way to protect myself is to turn off the disasters and pretend it never happened. And maybe that is selfish, idiotic or naive to do so, but it sure makes my life so much easier to live and enjoy. And my life is so full of worries just the way it is without having to add grand fears from international catastrophes and disasters.


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The very special meeting

Beautiful drive to my special meeting.

We met at the Boulangerie-Patisserie in Morgins to the left behind the cheerful chalet wit red shutters.

Happy crochet girls: Me and Heike!

Heike's project for the day. Love the pattern she gets using this "magic" sock yarn. I could do that!

Girls just want to have fun! Julie, me and Heike.

My project of the day - circles. I'll tell you more later.

Just a few pictures from that fabulous meeting with Heike from Made With Loops and her friend Julie. A day filled with yummy coffee drinks, bakeries and lots and lots of chatting about blogging, yarn and crochet.

It is funny how it feels like you have known each other forever although you meet for the first time. That is the magic with blogs I guess. You get to know each other through stories and pictures online and when you finally meet you just feel like you are meeting an old friend. With that experience in mind I now have a better understanding of online dating...

It was exactly the same that time I met with Maaike from CreJJtion during her Create & Date event in Amsterdam a couple of years ago. Meeting with people who shares your passion for crochet is truly something special. A new friendship has now been deepened and I am sure Heike and I will meet many more times in the future. An invitation to her home in Wales is now topping my list on mini trips I would like to do in the future. Maybe even attending one of her fabulous knitting workshops. That would be fantastic.

Yes, we truly had a wonderful day with sunshine and all. Just look at the beautiful surroundings and the cute mountain cabins. I try not to think of the terrible airplane crash that happened just a few mountain passes away... But it is hard not to do so. I'll express my thoughts about that in another blog post I think, to avoid taking away to much of the shine in this very special meeting.

Thank you for coming to see me Heike and Julie. Give me a shout next time you are in the chalet. :)


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Sunday, March 29, 2015

A peek into my life...

There has been sunshine and there has been rain. There was joy when Emmy Bo and I could sit outside and do homework, eat lunch and later get into playing with Hama beads.

There was joy watching Emmy Bo and her friends play chase and hide and seek outside in the garden.

There was joy when discovering that the church in our garden has received some upholstery love from our landlord with new paint and some very much needed repairs.

There was joy when Jay grilled some wonderfully tender steaks for dinner and there was joy watching Luca doing tricks with the football and swinging himself over the fence.

There was joy making vintage potholders and working on new potholder designs.

There was joy seeing sunlight reaching in through my lace curtains and shining on my flowers on the window sill.

There was the joy of indulging in healthy salads. And later a total feast in new baked cookies...

And there was joy watching Emmy swinging in the apple tree.

Spring is here with sunshine and rain. A bit more rain than sunshine for the moment but it can change any day. We are loving it!


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